FREE MINDS srl company was born in 2001 year. The 3 members was a group of friends united by the passion for technology and innovation; they started with an R&D studio, oriented to offer a design and technology service to the sport companies located on Treviso area.

Many products has been developed thanks the technological background of company members. The target of the young company was to start with an own product and on 2003 this happened, the FREEM brand has been registrated as trademark and the company developed his first composite product for the karting market, thanks the positive feedback of the drivers other karting products was developed.

Later, on 2006, the company oriented his interest on fireproof fabrics for motorsport, developing a new generation of race suits outside of normal schemes and without any existing preconceptions the target was a new ergonomic concept of driver suit.

At the end of 2006, a new idea for karting and motorsport gloves has been projected using a special siliconic fireproof prints: the brand was the first to place on the market a glove with no-leather applications on palm.

On 2008, due to customer demand, the shoe ‚ÄúSENSITIVE 09″ has been developed a new motorsport shoe to obtain the best performance thanks to an ergonomic fit.

On 2009, FREEM approached to a new market developing the first floating suit and in 2011, in partnership with the italian powerboat federation, the innovative concept was to avoid use of life jacket over the normal suit.

Another good project started on 2011: FREEM created a new ultralight fireproof car racing suit, probably the currently best product on the market.

At the beginning of 2013 a new challenge for FREEM brand. The company transfered his composite know-how on a new product and created an eyewear branch and the first sunglassess line collection. The Composite Technology oriented to a new concept of eyewear, not only a sport product, but something more close the urban daily use, a true lightweight sunglasses for man and woman.

A new challenge for show what is possible thinking in a different way.

Our future is full of new ideas to better satisfy all our customers with innovative products.
FREEM is the innovative quality italian brand.


-Massimo Foffano

Italy sales representative.
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-Andretto Giuseppe

Export sales representative.
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-Visentin Agostino

Supervisor of the production process.
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