Freem Umbrella

Practicle and resistant .

Diameter: 120 cm
Total Lenght: 100 cm (handle 12 cm)

Available in blue navy and silver colours.

Drinking bottle

Freem® drinking bottle has been designed to keep a stable temperature inside, both hot or cold, for some hours to avoid any temperature leap to the driver.
Its structure is composed of two stainless steel layers with an inner vacuum and it has a capacity of 520 ml; the silicone spout permits you to drink keeping the bottle in a vertical position and it can be hidden inside the cap. On the upper part there is a wide gap that permits you to introduce ice cubes for example.

This product is 100% recyclable.

Cold Air Helmet Dryer

Freem® COLD AIR HELMET DRYER available in 2 versions: flat and hans-shaped.


- 110-230v ADAPTER
- 12V rechargeable battery

Suit bags

Freem® suit bags are supplied with the ordered overalls, the blue one is for karting suits and the white/blue one is for auto suits. They are made of a strong material and they protect the suits during transfers.

They may be bought separately also.